Unattended Desk

This feature is another of VLOG’s most useful attributes.

If a visitor or customer arrives and signs in using the app while the front desk is unattended, employees and business owners can still view and track arrivals through the app.

Whether through Android, iOS, or desktop, the unattended desk feature allows remote visitor management in a way that suits the user.

This feature is useful across a wide range of workplaces. Whether you’re managing visitors to a secure office space or receiving clients for appointments at a beauty salon, the unattended desk feature can work for your business.

The unattended desk feature allows you to continue to carry out your work while letting you know when a client or customer has arrived. This gives you the time and space needed to finish up with your current client, or to go downstairs and let someone into the building when needed.

Wherever you work, this feature allows for a stress-free and flexible working environment.

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