Contactless Sign in/Sign out

VLOG allows your business to operate as safely as possible with contactless sign in and sign out.

However, this feature isn’t only essential for health and safety and hygiene reasons - it’s also perfect for businesses and companies that operate within secure office spaces with restricted access, or for those without a front desk.

Simply print out a QR Code and place it at the entrance of your workplace. From there, the visitor can scan the code (without needing to download the app), open the link provided on their browser, and fill in their details online. Voilà! All checked in.

Not only is contactless sign in/sign out a simple, secure, and convenient way to virtually check people into spaces that need it, but it also saves time and money by allowing users to check-in directly from their mobile. It gives accurate, up to date information about visitor arrivals without the hassle of manual entry, and allows employees to sign in and out from work from their own mobile phone.

Whether you utilise this feature as a timesheet for your employees or as an ‘arrived’ feature for your clients or customers, this feature will be of great use to your business.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

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